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Greece’s target of phasing out coal by 2028 is ‘highly optimistic’

Greece apportioned €5bn ($5.9bn) to phase-out the use of coal by 80% by 2023, to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. These are highly optimistic targets, particularly considering the fact that back in 2015 coal-based generation formed 41.6% of the generation mix. In 2019 this reduced to 27.9%, which, by 2030, if not entirely staged out, is predicted to have a small share of less than 10%.

read more... 25/09/2020


UK Government sinks plan for new coal mine in England

The Government of UK has refused to allow an open cast coal mine being developed in northeastern England.

read more... 15/09/2020


Czech utility EPH closes French coal plant only a year after buying it

The firm has announced it will close the facility at the end of 2020, two years earlier than initially planned

read more... 14/09/2020


End of an era as one of England’s last coal mines to close

Coal has been extracted from the Bradley mine in County Durham for the final time

read more... 18/08/2020


Poland Poised to Announce Major Coal Mine Closures

Poland’s biggest coal producer, state-run PGG, is likely to announce within days deep cuts in coal output and the closure of a number mines as part of a restructuring plan that is expected to prompt protests by miners, industry sources said.

read more... 27/07/2020