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Germany: 2030 offshore wind target will not be raised until grid expansion is complete

Germany links its 2030 offshore wind capacity target with country’s north-south grid expansion.

read more... 06/06/2017


Norway: Statnett obtains 0.3 bln euro loan from EIB for electricity cable to Germany

Norway's grid operator Statnett obtained a 300 million-euro ($336.33 million) loan from the European Investment Bank to finalize its electricity cable to Germany, according to the company on Friday.

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Germany: Energy leaders are hesitant to adopt renewable energy

Decision makers in Germany’s energy sector back the move to a low carbon system but hesitate to implement measures themselves, according to a green energy company, which surveyed 1,000 respondents about their attitudes concerning energy policy problems and their desire to invest in clean gas and electricity.

read more... 31/05/2017


EU consents lower co-generation surcharges for several German, Italian companies

EU state aid regulators consented on Tuesday lower surcharges to back co-generation for energy-intensive firms in Germany and Italy.

read more... 24/05/2017


Germany: A capacity of 807 MW approved at onshore wind parks

Germany approved a capacity of 807 megawatts (MW) at onshore wind parks on Friday, stating the price at which it granted the projects was below expectations in a sign that competition in the industry will lead to lower prices for users.

read more... 22/05/2017