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UK's Labour Party to offer Ofgem power to eliminate energy supplier licences

Britain's opposition Labour Party has promised to offer energy regulator Ofgem the authority to annul electricity and gas suppliers' licences if they constantly violate rules and harm their customers.

read more... 21/08/2014


Trina Solar to buy a 49.9 MW solar power plant in England

China-based Trina Solar, a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services, unveiled the acquisition of a 49.9 MW utility-scale ground-mounted power project in Norfolk, eastern England from UK renewable energy supplier Good Energy Group.

read more... 13/08/2014


Bulgaria on the point of nuclear agreement to reduce dependence on Russia

Bulgaria, one of five EU states that rely entirely on Russia for nuclear fuel, is ready to take a step towards increasing its suppliers when Westinghouse Electric Company purchases a stake in a state-controlled company building new atomic units.

read more... 07/07/2014


Centrica’s British Gas has to pay $9.4 million

Centrica's British Gas, the focus of an anti-trust examination next to Britain's other big energy companies, will pay approximately 5.6 million pounds ($9.4 million) to fix past errors which had stopped business clients from changing suppliers in the period between 2007 and 2012, as declared on Thursday by Energy watchdog Ofgem.

read more... 11/04/2014


Britain’s free energy market threatened by pricing investigation

An analysis of potential price complicity by British energy suppliers will probably destabilize the market structure that has aided them to become more important than their European competitors.

read more... 09/04/2014