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Most of EU prepared with gas for winter in spite of Ukraine crisis

Elevated levels of natural gas in storage and reducing prices signify the majority of Europe is well-ready for winter, nevertheless a potential disruption to Russian supplies continue to be a risk for countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria and also Britain.

read more... 10/10/2014


Bulgaria shuts down nuclear reactor for annual repairs

Bulgaria's single nuclear plant, Kozloduy, has shut one of its two reactors of 1,000 megawatts for planned annual repairs, according to its declaration on Saturday.

read more... 15/09/2014


South Stream venture in Bulgaria augments capital regardless of ban

The company intending to build a segment of the notorious South Stream natural gas pipeline in Bulgaria has increased capital, disobeying an order to stop preparations for the project, according to the declaration of the economy ministry on Tuesday.

read more... 20/08/2014


Bulgaria: Constitutional Court repealed a 20% tax on solar, wind farms

Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court last week revoked a 20% fee that the government had imposed on the revenues of solar PV and wind energy producers in January.

read more... 08/08/2014


Bulgaria boosts electricity prices, reduces natural gas

Bulgaria raised electricity prices by an average of 2 percent having as objective to control politically sensitive costs in spite of massive deficits in the Balkan country's energy sector.

read more... 07/08/2014