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Oil exploration is a key issue for voters in Norwegian parliamentary election

The Green party pledges to stop oil exploration in Norway and phase out production within 15 years. Norway's number one industry accounts for half of national exports and employs over 180,000 people. The greens have been gradually gathering support over the past 4 years and are polling at about 5% of the votes, underlining changes in Norwegian society and divisions over the future of oil.

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Nordlink cable works underway as first portion is installed on the Vollesfjord seabed

The NordLink cable work is underway, with the first few kilometers of cable having been laid on the Vollesfjord seafloor in southern Norway.

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Daily (28.07.2017): Brent prices soared to 2-month high on Thursday - $51.49 a barrel

Oil prices continued to rise on Thursday with support from a huge slide in U.S. crude inventories. Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia, fellow members of the OPEC, have also promised export cuts. U.S. fuel exports are on track to hit another record in 2017, making foreign fuel markets increasingly important for the profit margins of U.S. refiners. Also, Europe's major energy firms are turning a corner after a 3-year slump, Royal Dutch Shell, France's Total and Norway's Statoil reported sharp rises in cash flow from second quarter operations. Brent crude jumped by 1% to $51.49 a barrel, while WTI price jumped by 0.8% to close at $48.75 a barrel.

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Norway government wins court appeal over lowered gas pipeline tariffs

A lawsuit brought by Solveig Gas, Silex Gas, Njord Gas Infrastructure and Infragas against the Norwegian government was ruled in favour of the government. The plaintiffs argued that Norway’s cut in gas pipeline tariff would cost them 15 billion Norwegian crowns ($1.8 billion) in lost earnings through 2028, which was illegal.

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Norway: Gjoea field will remain shut until the source of gas leak is found

Norway’s Gjoea oil and gas field will stay closed until the source of gas leak the obliged operator Engie to stop production on Wednesday has been found, according to the French company.

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