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Ukraine continues to reduce gas imports from Russia

Ukraine intends to develop several gas routes from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania and to increase imports from EU countries as it want to reduce imports of expensive gas from Russia. Ukraine has pointed out that a cut in Russian natural gas acquires will be deeper next year than expected, amounting to 24.5 billion cubic meters (bcm).

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Enel Green Power has connected its first PV plants in Romania

Italian renewable energy company Enel Green Power SpA (EGP), a subsidiary of the Enel Group has announced it has connected to the grid its first photovoltaic plants in Romania. The two plants of Berceni 1 and Berceni 2, have a combined installed capacity of about 19 MW, are likely to generate almost 29 GWh per year. The plants are located in Prahova County.

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Romania: Chevron won the approval to start shale gas exploration

US oil giant Chevron obtained permits to drill exploration wells for shale gas in the areas in eastern Romania. Chevron will explore for shale in three blocks of 670,000 acres near the Black Sea. The permits will consent to Chevron to drill at depths of between 10 and 15 meters within an area that measure 1,800 square kilometers.

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U-turn: Chevron gets green light to explore shale gas in Romania

The Romanian shale gas policy made a U-turn after the government allowed the oil giant Chevron to explore shale gas in the Romanian Black Sea coast.

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Romania intends to cut support to renewable energy

Romanian energy market regulator ANRE, has announced on Friday, that Romanian government will cut its support for renewable energy, in particular for wind, solar and small hydro renewable energy projects. Romania's support scheme gives renewable power producers green certificates for each megawatt produced. Providers must get a rising percentage of the power they sell from renewable energy and buy certificates to meet these goals.

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