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Gazprom Oil to upgrade its refineries before 2018

The Russian giant, Gazprom Oil alongside its Investment Program unveiled its plans to upgrade its refineries before 2018.

read more... 25/10/2011


Russian gas exports to be hit by the Third Energy Package directive

Russia envisages redirecting its gas exports to the Asia-Pacific region after the EU introduced the Third Energy Package that imposes some limits in the cooperation between Russia and the European Union.

read more... 20/10/2011


Russia’s power sector structure and reform

Russia launched the privatisation of its electricity market in 2007 in a bid to introduce competition, liberalise prices and attract investment and expertise from the private or international sector. The project was led by Anatoly Chubais, the architect of the early 1990s privatisation drive that followed the breakup of the Soviet Union.

read more... 19/10/2011


Nabucco denies the rumors of postponement

According to the recent declarations of one of the shareholders in the Nabucco project, the pipeline which aims to reduce the European dependence on Russian gas, may deliver its first gas in 2018, a year later than anticipated.

read more... 17/10/2011


Russia and China close to sign a milestone gas agreement

According to the Russian officials’ declarations on Tuesday, Russia is close to signing a milestone agreement involving the supply of natural gas to the world’s biggest energy consumer, China.

read more... 12/10/2011