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Finland’s Vacon to boost solar market

The Finnish company is planning to develop its renewable sector and to increase its sales.

read more... 22/09/2010


Electricity tariffs in Spain

During the first semester of 2010, Spain's deficit between regulated power tariffs and generation costs widened by 2.59 billion Euros, or 20 percent more than anticipated by the regulator CNE, mainly due to the payment of subsidies for renewable energy generation.

read more... 14/09/2010


China is the most attractive renewable energy market

According to Ernst & Young's latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices the Asian giant has succeeded the US as the most attractive location in which to invest in renewable energy projects.

read more... 10/09/2010


German energy regulator desires faster grid development

The future of renewable energy in Germany spins around the rapid expansion of the power grids; however the authorities do not much implicate, according the energy regulator on Monday.

read more... 08/09/2010


Alerion to build new wind farm in Romania

Alerion, an Italian renewable energy company, based in Milan, obtained its first full authorization for the construction of a wind farm in Romania. Authorization was received through its Romanian subsidiary Compania Eoliana SA.

read more... 07/09/2010