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Russia extends Kharyaga oil field PSA with Total to 2031

The Russian government is extending a production sharing agreement with France's Total for development of the Kharyaga oil field by 13 years to the end of 2031, in the latest sign that many Western majors' operations in Russia are continuing despite sanctions on the oil sector.

read more... 11/07/2018


Chinese, Greek energy giants sign cooperation deal in Athens

Representatives of China Energy Investment Corporation and Greece's Copelouzos Group shake hands during the signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement in Athens, Greece, on July 5, 2018.

read more... 06/07/2018


Ford reaches its manufacturing emissions target eight years ahead of schedule

The US-based automotive manufacturing company, Ford, has announced it has reached it’s CO2 emissions target eight years in advance. The firm set the target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced through its manufacturing operations by 30% per vehicle produced in 2010.

read more... 29/06/2018


EU must support extended use of reactors, says Foratom

Foratom, the European nuclear trade body, has called on the European Commission and other EU institutions to recognise and reward the long-term operation (LTO) of nuclear power reactors in their role to help Europe meet its climate targets.

read more... 21/06/2018


Russia, Saudi Arabia Agree To Expand Cooperation On Oil, Gas

Russia and Saudi Arabia say they have agreed to expand their cooperation on oil and gas matters after having teamed up to help bolster oil prices in the past two years.

read more... 15/06/2018