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Iberdrola's Scottish Power to acquire 165 MW onshore wind project in Scotland

Iberdrola’s Scottish Power said on Wednesday it will acquire a 165 megawatt onshore wind energy development in Scotland which could see investment of more than 150 million pounds ($184 million).

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Tesla applies to become UK energy provider raising hopes its giant batteries could help power the country

Tesla, the company behind the Model 3, S, X, and Y electric cars, might become an energy provider in the United Kingdom.

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EU day-ahead hours dip to negative prices for Monday

Day-ahead power in several European markets dropped to negative prices for the early hours of Monday, with Belgium seeing the lowest price of EUR -4.98/MWh amid healthy wind output and low demand.

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Daily (08.05.2020): German Cal’21 power contract bounced by 1.3% on Thursday in tandem with stronger coal, carbon prices

Crude oil futures declined on Thursday amid doubts about the ability of oil giants to comply with their production quotas in an attempt to stabilize the market. Moreover, worries about economic recession, sluggish demand and oversupply eclipsed a rebound in Saudi Arabia’s official crude selling and an unexpected rise in Chinese exports last month.

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AES Bulgarian units produce over 415,000 MWh since March 13

AES Bulgaria, a unit of U.S.-based energy conglomerate AES Corporation, said on Tuesday that its thermal power plant (TPP) AES Galabovo and the Saint Nikola Wind Farm have produced some 415,000 MWh of electricity since March 13 when a countrywide state of emergency was declared due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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