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EDF might sell nuclear power to competitors

Ongoing debates in the French parliament could lead to the obligation of EDF, the French nuclear giant, to sell 25 % of its nuclear electricity to competitors in France, in order to boost competition in the electricity market, where EDF holds the key position at the moment.

read more... 04/06/2010


GDF Suez interested in Italian nuclear sector

The decision of the Italian government to obtain in the future 25% of its electricity from nuclear power made of Italy an interesting investment country for GDF Suez, the French nuclear power giant.

read more... 27/05/2010


Offshore renewable energy in UK

The offshore renewable energy industry in UK might produce electricity corresponding to one billion barrels of oil per year, matching oil and gas output in the North Sea, as stated in a report.

read more... 20/05/2010


Thanet offshore wind park in Britain

Thanet offshore wind park started its electricity generation on Tuesday, 17th of May, and it is expected to start functioning at its full capacity by September 2010.

read more... 18/05/2010


Solar electricity could reach 22 percent of global power supply by 2050

According to the International Energy Agency(IEA), solar electricity could provide up to a quarter of the world's power by 2050, thus cutting greenhouse gas emissions by almost 6 billion tonnes and reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, though government support is imperative in the next decade.

read more... 12/05/2010