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Europe is getting off coal even faster than expected

Across Europe, countries are making strides toward a fossil-free future. In April, Austria and Sweden closed their last coal plants—the latter nearly two years ahead of schedule—officially eliminating coal from their countries’ energy production.

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Daily (08.05.2020): German Cal’21 power contract bounced by 1.3% on Thursday in tandem with stronger coal, carbon prices

Crude oil futures declined on Thursday amid doubts about the ability of oil giants to comply with their production quotas in an attempt to stabilize the market. Moreover, worries about economic recession, sluggish demand and oversupply eclipsed a rebound in Saudi Arabia’s official crude selling and an unexpected rise in Chinese exports last month.

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Biomass takes record share of UK power mix in April

Biomass-fuelled power generation in the UK accounted for a record 8.4% share of the nation’s power mix in April, while coal-fired power output pursued its terminal decline, TSO data showed on Friday.

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Britain breaks record for coal-free power generation

Britain has gone without coal-fired power generation for its longest stretch since the Industrial Revolution, breaking the existing record of 18 consecutive days this morning.

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Austria shuts down last coal-fired power plant

Austria has shut down its last coal-fired power plant as part of a plan to end the use of fossil fuels for energy production by 2030.

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