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Daily (03.03.2020): Strong gains in oil prices on Monday, on optimism for OPEC further output cuts

Crude oil futures recorded strong gains on Monday, as central banks promised to protect financial markets from the impact of the coronavirus. Moreover, Russia announced its willingness to cooperate with Opec+ partners to support the world oil market.

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Daily (05.02.2020): Forward gas and power prices recovered on Tuesday after several days of losses

Crude oil prices tumbled on Tuesday, remaining in a bear market, weighed by the coronavirus impact on Chinese and global demand for black gold, despite OPEC+ measures to calm the oil market.

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Daily (31.01.2020): A continuous strong decline in British gas prices due to warm weather, low demand and weaker oil markets

Crude oil prices had the worst performance in three months on Thursday, as investors continued to worry about a sluggish demand for oil following the continued spread of coronavirus, with OPEC considering the possibility of an early meeting.

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Daily (21.11.2019): The 3.3% hike in WTI crude due to a lower-than-predicted growth in U.S crude inventories lent support to the entire energy complex

Oil prices increased on Wednesday following a report indicating that U.S crude inventories rose lower than expected. Moreover, Russia promised to continue its cooperation with OPEC to maintain a balanced oil market. Brent crude jumped by 2.5% to $62.40 a barrel. WTI crude climbed by 3.3% to $57.01 a barrel.

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Daily (14.11.2019): EUAs rebounded by 1% on Wednesday, amidst a lack of auction supply and positive economic data

Crude oil prices inched higher on Wednesday, stimulated by upbeat economic comments from Jerome Powell, the Chair of Federal Reserve. A drop in U.S. crude stocks and a positive outlook on oil markets from OPEC also supported prices. On this background, WTI futures rose by 0.6% to $57.12 a barrel, while Brent crude edged 0.5% higher at$62.37 a barrel.

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