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Vattenfall to provide climate-smart energy in France

Swedish Vattenfall will offer retail customers climate-smart energy with the goal of helping reduce dependency on fossil fuels starting from Monday, Oct. 1, the company announced Monday.

read more... 02/10/2018


UK and Canada offer £11m for innovative smart energy tech

The UK and Canada are offering more than £11 million for innovators with disruptive smart energy ideas or technologies.

read more... 24/09/2018


Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline offers 'alternative route' to Danish authorities

Nord Stream 2 AG has handed in an application and an Environmental Impact Assessment report to the Danish Energy Agency for an alternative route for the 55 Bcm/year twin natural gas pipeline delivering Russian gas to Germany, the company said in a statement.

read more... 13/08/2018


Vitol, Low Carbon target offshore

Vitol has committed the €200m and the partners said the fund may also offer opportunities for third-party investors in the future.

read more... 18/07/2018


Bulgarian gas company plans to launch wholesale LoRa network

A subsidiary of Bulgarian natural gas company Overgas is to build a wireless network which will offer wholesale capacity to other operators.

read more... 03/07/2018