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Solar projects on Balearic Islands to get EUR 40m in state aid

Spain's Balearic Islands government announced on Monday it will offer a EUR-40-million (USD 45.37m) credit line to aid the construction of photovoltaic (PV) projects.

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Daily (08.11.18): Carbon prices surged by 6% around the 19-euro levels on Wednesday in a strong auction

Record U.S. crude production and increased concerns of a global oversupply put pressure on oil prices on Wednesday. US sanctions against Iran failed to support the market, as waivers have been offered to 8 eight countries, including three of the world's major importers, allowing them to continue acquiring Iranian crude for six months.

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Vattenfall to provide climate-smart energy in France

Swedish Vattenfall will offer retail customers climate-smart energy with the goal of helping reduce dependency on fossil fuels starting from Monday, Oct. 1, the company announced Monday.

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UK and Canada offer £11m for innovative smart energy tech

The UK and Canada are offering more than £11 million for innovators with disruptive smart energy ideas or technologies.

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Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline offers 'alternative route' to Danish authorities

Nord Stream 2 AG has handed in an application and an Environmental Impact Assessment report to the Danish Energy Agency for an alternative route for the 55 Bcm/year twin natural gas pipeline delivering Russian gas to Germany, the company said in a statement.

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