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Daily (09.11.2018): Carbon prices gained 25% week-on-week to settle around the €20-level on Thursday in a tight session

Oil futures continued the bearish run on Thursday, on worries about global oversupply due to trade war between US and China, the world’s biggest economies. OPEC members stated that a reduction in outputs might be required. Brent crude significantly dropped by 2% to $70.65 a barrel. WTI crude also lost 1.6% to settle at $60.67 a barrel.

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Daily (24.10.2018): Oil crude prices fell by over 4% on Tuesday, as OPEC’s main producer pledged to meet demand

Oil prices slumped on Tuesday, following Saudi Arabia promises to supply the market, as the U.S. sanctions over the Iranian exports will be implemented in less than 2 weeks. Brent crude price tumbled by 4.3% to $76.44 a barrel. Meanwhile, price for WTI crude decreased by 4.2% to $66.43 a barrel.

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Russian oil production jumps to post-Soviet high

Russia is ramping up crude oil output after OPEC and other countries agreed to ease production curbs. In September, Russia produced a record amount of oil in its modern history.

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Daily (28.09.2018): Oil prices recovered on Thursday on worries over global supply

Oil crude prices rose on Thursday, supported by forecasts for a decline in global supply once U.S. sanctions against Iran will become effective in just five weeks. Moreover, the OPEC and Russia seem unlikely to comply with Trump's demands to rise production. Brent crude gained 0.5% trading at $81.72 a barrel. WTI crude was up by 0.8% at $72.12 a barrel.

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Daily (27.09.2018): NBP gas contracts lost around 3% on Wednesday, due to warmer weather and an oversupplied system

Oil crude prices lost momentum on Wednesday after U.S. data revealed higher-than-expected domestic crude inventories. Moreover, the U.S. officials promised investors that the oil market will not experience supply shortages and Trump has once again urged OPEC to pump more oil in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday. Nevertheless, a substantial drop in Iranian exports kept Brent price above $80.   U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures plunged by 1% down, or 71 cents, to settle at $71.57 a barrel. Meanwhile, Brent crude edged 0.7% down at $81.34 a barrel. 

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