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Galp’s profit increased

Portuguese fuel and oil company, Galp Energia, registered a 32 % increase in adjusted first-quarter net profit because of the fact that refining volume and crude production increased, despite all expectations.

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Oil prices fell again

Oil prices fell again on Wednesday, descending to $82 per barrel, a steep decline, due to significant oil stocks and dollar increase.

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Oil price fell

Both, the strengthening of U.S. dollar and large U.S. crude and fuel stocks, have influenced the oil price on Tuesday which fell below $86 per barrel, after reaching $87.15 per barrel on Monday, the highest level for the last 19 months, when the price for oil crude reached $89.82, in October 9, 2008.

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Effects after the drop in oil prices

Oil spill out the early gains just to maintain the level of $86 per barrel on Monday, since Euro zone fiscal matters are in force again, while China’s attempts to calm down its economic upsurge, are accompanied by a short- term uncertainty.

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Gasoline price unstable

Crude oil cracking margins decreased to $8 per barrel, being influenced by the gains registered as result of gasoline sale, which prices jumped back above $ 800 per ton.

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