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Daily (07.08.2018): Brent crude rose by 0.7% on Monday as OPEC data showed lack of supply

Oil crude prices hiked on Monday, due to sharp decline in Saudi crude outputs following the OPEC report. As concerns about the global oil supplies increased, Brent crude gained 0.7% to reach $73.75 a barrel. At the same time, WTI crude rose by 0.8% to $69.01 a barrel.

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Daily (03.08.2018): WTI crude increased by almost 2% on Thursday due to Cushing storage decline

Oil prices rose on Thursday, as the OPEC oversupplied stocks returned to normal state and Cushing inventories are down at the lowest level since 2014. Brent crude gained 1.5% to reach $73.45 a barrel. WTI crude increased by 1.9% to $68.96 a barrel.

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Daily (02.08.2018): Brent crude plummeted by 2.5% on Wednesday, as OPEC stocks reached maximum capacity

Oil prices diminished severely on Wednesday, following a report that OPEC’s stockpiles reached full capacity due to ample supplies during the month. WTI crude slipped by 1.6% to close at $67.66 a barrel.

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Daily (01.08.2018): WTI crude fell by 2% on Tuesday, as OPEC’s output hit a peak in July

Oil prices fell on Tuesday, as a recent report indicated that OPEC’s production reached a 2018 peak in July. Brent crude dipped by 1% to $74.25 a barrel. WTI Crude lost 2% to end at $68.76 barrel.

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Daily (20.07.2018): Carbon prices jumped by 2.7% on Thursday due to strong auction

Brent crude decreased by 0.4% to end at $72.58 a barrel on Thursday, due to a strong dollar, higher U.S. crude output and an unpredicted rise in the production of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia. On the other side, WTI crude hiked by 1% to $69.46 a barrel, after Saudi Arabia's OPEC governor declared the kingdom's crude exports will decline by around 100,000 barrels per day in August.

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