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Daily (26.09.2018): The carbon contracts traded almost 5% lower on Tuesday due to a bearish energy complex

Oil futures continued to rise on Tuesday, on concerns over global supply, once U.S. sanctions on Iran’s crude exports will be applied in November. The increase in prices was limited by Donald Trump’s call on OPEC to raise production. Brent crude added 0.8%, extending its 4-year peak to $81.87 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude edged 0.3% higher to $72.28 a barrel due to falling U.S. inventories.

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Daily (25.09.2018): German spot power price jumped by 145% on Monday, due to a decline in wind production

Oil crude prices rose significantly on Monday, as OPEC rejected President Donald Trump’s proposal to raise outputs and on worries about Iranian supply disruptions when U.S. sanctions will come into force in November. Brent crude jumped by 3.1% to a 4-year high at $81.20 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude gained 1.8% at $72.08 a barrel.

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Daily (24.09.2018): Gas prices on the curve jumped on Friday on colder weather and increased demand

Oil crude prices edged slightly higher on Friday, following a report indicating that OPEC and non-OPEC countries envisage to boost crude production by 500,000 barrels per day to counterbalance reducing supply from Iran after Washington’s imposed sanctions. Brent price rose by 0.1% to $78.80 a barrel. WTI crude closed 0.7%, or 46 cents, up at $70.78 a barrel.

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Daily (19.09.2018): Oil prices gained almost 1.5% on Tuesday, due to concerns over global supply

Oil crude prices surged on Tuesday, prior to OPEC’s meeting on the possibility to raise production, as Iranian output might decline once U.S. sanctions will take effect from November. However, gains were capped by continuous trade disputes between U.S. and China. Brent crude added 1.3% to close at $79.03 a barrel. WTI crude increased by 1.4% to $69.85 a barrel.

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Daily (04.09.2018): Brent crude rose by almost 1% on Monday, ahead of the second wave of U.S. sanctions

Oil crude prices hiked on Monday, due rising concerns about reduced supplies globally after U.S. sanctions against Iran will be applied in late autumn. Brent crude price increased by 0.9% to $78.15 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude price was 0.4% up at $70.09 a barrel, as stronger supply from OPEC and the US limited gains.

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