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Macron clarifies French energy plans

A total of 14 power reactors will be shut down in order to reduce the share of nuclear in France's electricity generation mix from the current 75% to 50% by 2035, President Emmanuel Macron announced today.

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Poland to diversify mix with nuclear energy, offshore wind under draft policy

Poland’s energy ministry released on Friday a draft energy policy to 2040, under which the share of coal power is expected to decrease to 60% in 2030 from over 78% in 2017 with the help of new sources like offshore wind and nuclear energy.

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Poland sees first nuclear power production after 2030

Poland expects its first nuclear power plant to start operating after 2030 as the country aims to cut its use of coal in producing electricity, Deputy Environment Minister Michal Kurtyka said.

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Daily (20.11.2018): The French power spot price jumped by almost 58% on Monday, due to lower nuclear availability and colder weather forecasts

A reduction in U.S. crude stocks and a potential cut in OPEC production contributed to a slight increase in oil prices on Monday, after a volatile session. Concerns over the continuous trade war between US and China limited gains, keeping Brent crude almost flat at $66.73 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude prices soared by 1.3% to close at $57.2 a barrel.

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France to cut nuclear energy reliance by 2035: Minister

France aims to reduce the share of electricity produced by nuclear reactors to 50 per cent from 75 per cent now by 2035, said Environment Minister Francois de Rugy.

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