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CEZ to build the largest onshore wind park in Romania

Wind power capacity in Romania will increase till the end of this year reaching 400 MW and by 2013 it will attain 2,000 MW, according to the national price regulator.

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Romania wants to reduce its participation in Petrom

OMV, Austrian major oil and gas group, does not intend to increase its share in its Petrom division, even though the Romanian government would like to vend a part of its 21% stake in order to reduce its participation to 8%, according to OMV’s representative on Tuesday.

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Petrom diversifies its power mix in Romania

Romanian oil and gas company, Petrom, plans to build a wind farm in Dobrogea, in south-eastern Romania. Starting with this project, the company wants to develop renewable energy and turn from a pure oil and gas company into an energy player in the Romanian energy market.

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Investment of Petrom in Romanian wind power project

Petrom, the Romanian oil and gas group, intends to purchase a wind power project, looking for new opportunities for assessment of potential energy sources, insulating against the inefficiency of the existing refineries this way.

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Romania signs a contract with Azerbaidjan and Georgia

On April 13, a new deal was signed between Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan. This one represents another way to supply the European Union with gas through a project that could be finalized faster than the project proposed by Brussels, named Nabucco.

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