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Daily (04.11.2019): NBP spot surged by 25.5% on Friday due to lower Norwegian flows and an expected spike in heating demand

Crude oil prices posted robust gains on Friday, stimulated by higher-than-expected U.S. employment data in October and optimism that Chinese factory activity expanded at the fastest rate since 2017. On trade talks side, the U.S. and China are moving closer towards a Phase One trade deal, which might be signed this month. That bullish background sent WTI futures 3.7% up at $56.20 a barrel, while Brent crude hiked by 2.4% to $61.69 a barrel.

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Daily (01.11.2019): EUAs sank by 1.5% on Thursday, due to weak auction activity

Crude oil prices declined on Thursday, amidst data showing weak factory activity in China that weighed on global demand. As a result, Brent crude traded 0.6% down at $60.23 a barrel. At the same time, a leak on a key U.S. pipeline disrupted supply flows, pushing WTI futures down by 1.6% to $54.18 a barrel.

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Daily (31.10.2019): German spot power price fell by more than 11% due to strong renewables generation and weaker demand

Oil prices declined on Wednesday following a hike in U.S crude inventories which added to worries about a probable delay in solving the U.S- China trade war. Brent oil traded 1.6% lower at $60.61 a barrel. WTI crude settled 0.9% down at $55.06 a barrel.

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Daily (30.10.2019): NBP spot dipped by 4.7% on Tuesday due to low demand and firm supplies

Crude oil prices diverged slightly on Tuesday. Brent crude was almost flat at $61.59 a barrel amid signs that U.S.-China trade differences might temper in November and on expectations for a draw in the U.S. refined product inventories. In the meantime, predictions of a rise in the U.S. crude stocks and Russia’s reserved outlook for a potential crude output extension by OPEC+ pushed WTI futures 0.5% lower at $55.54 a barrel.

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Daily (29.10.2019): The German spot power price skyrocketed by nearly 140% on Monday amid low wind and strong demand due to a cold spell

Oil prices lost momentum on Monday, as traders expected a rise in the U.S. crude inventories. Moreover, the outlook for the global crude demand dimmed further because of pessimistic industrial data in China, weighing on the market sentiment. Consequently, Brent crude inched down by 0.7% to $61.57 a barrel, while WTI futures dropped by 1.5% to $55.81 a barrel.

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