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Germany: A capacity of 807 MW approved at onshore wind parks

Germany approved a capacity of 807 megawatts (MW) at onshore wind parks on Friday, stating the price at which it granted the projects was below expectations in a sign that competition in the industry will lead to lower prices for users.

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Germany and Austria power market split is set to start in October 2018

Electricity transmission companies from Germany and Austria will split their currently joined power markets from Oct. 1, 2018, aiming to allow more traffic at reduced costs and less technical risks, as stated by regulators in both countries on Monday.

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Innogy energy group signals more costs reductions at its unit in the UK

Innogy, the biggest energy group in Germany, is losing customers in the UK and warned of more cost cuts at a business which is not likely to make a profit in 2017 because of increasing competition.

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Germany: Renewable energy use increased over week-end

Energy from renewable sources in Germany provided most of the electricity over the weekend, as stated in a recent industry report. The majority of the nation’s coal-fired power plants were not in operation for the first time ever.

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Germany authorised low cost offshore wind farms beyond 2020

Germany authorized 1,490 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind capacity on the German North Sea at lower than expected costs, proving that the renewable energy source can operate with lower support payment than it presently gets.

read more... 18/04/2017