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Gazprom set to regain its share in Lithuania’s gas market in 2017

In the last days of 2016, the biggest Lithuanian gas buyers inked contracts with Russian giant Gazprom which is expected to surpass Norway’s Statoil in terms of the bulk of the country’s gas needs for 2017.

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Norway: Kollsnes gas plant to be partially closed in May and September

Norway's biggest gas-processing plant, Kollsnes, will be partially closed from May 6-20 and from September 2-20 next year, gas system operator Gassco declared on Friday, announcing its 2017 maintenance plans.

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Sweden: Eolus Vind will construct 330 MW wind power farm in Norway

Norway's oil and energy ministry on Wednesday declared it gave final authorization to Sweden's Eolus Vind to construct a 330-megawatt wind power plant in Oeyfjellet, northern Norway.

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Poland hurries Norway gas connection plans after EU

Poland will quicken plans to construct a gas link to Norway in reply to the EU decision last week to lift a cap on Gazprom's consumption of the Opal pipeline in Germany, a Polish government representative declared, calling the move a political one.

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Norway predicts around 15 expansion plans from oil companies in 2017/2018

Oil companies are likely to submit about 15 development plans for oil and gas fields off Norway over the next two years, as stated by the manager of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on Monday.

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