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Bulgaria forbids Chevron from using hydraulic fracking technique

The Bulgarian lawmakers banned the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing and imposed a 100 million-lev ($65 million) fine for offenders, baffling Chevron’s Corp plans to explore for natural-gas deposits in the Balkan country.

read more... 19/01/2012


Bulgaria refuses to pay Russia for Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline

The Bulgarian Prime Minister announced that Bulgaria has no intentions to pay a single penny as to reimburse Russia for the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project.

read more... 12/01/2012


Bulgaria to withdraw from Russian, Greek oil pipeline deal

Bulgaria's Energy and Economy Minister Traicho Traikov said on Wednesday his country decided to withdraw from a pipeline deal to carry Russian oil through his country to Greece, bypassing Turkey's Bosporus Straits, because it cannot be achieved under the financial conditions agreed on in 2007.

read more... 08/12/2011


Bulgaria pledges for common European legislation for shale gas

Bulgaria initiated the adoption of a common legislation for exploration and production of shale gas in the EU at a forum on non-conventional gas extraction which took place on November 11 in Sofia, organized by the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

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New legislation likely to slow down Bulgaria’s wind market

The Bulgarian government is likely to approve the new legislation for renewable energy that could deprive of courage the wind industry financial support, disturb the country’s market and induce among investors higher risks in terms of feed-in tariffs and capacity allocation.

read more... 10/11/2011