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Denmark pledges to amend the law on Russian North Stream 2 gas pipeline

Denmark's government finds itself trapped in the middle of a geopolitical conflict as Russian state gas exporter Gazprom and its partners behind Nord Stream 2 pipeline project are looking for approval to pump more gas to Europe via the Baltic Sea to Germany.

read more... 10/04/2017


Germany: First power produced by Nordsee One

The 332MW Nordsee One offshore wind farm located in the German North Sea has produced and delivered its first kilowatt-hour to the mainland.

read more... 03/04/2017


EU wants to discuss with Russia about Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

The European Union is looking for a mandate from its members to discuss with Russia about the opposition to its plans to construct a second pipeline to convey more gas to Europe through the Baltic Sea to Germany, as indicated in an EU document, as several EU nations worry it will make Europe too dependent on Russian gas.

read more... 31/03/2017


TenneT unveils tender for two offshore wind connections in Netherlands

TenneT - leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO), with activities in the Netherlands and in Germany is looking for potential bidders for offshore wind connections at two zones off the Netherlands. The offshore network is going to have substations connected by 66kV wiring, with the wind farms also delivering power at 66kV.

read more... 28/03/2017


European countries to build the North Sea Wind Power Hub to support 100GW of offshore wind projects

Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands are planning on building a giant island in the North Sea which will be able to support up to 100GW of offshore wind projects.

read more... 24/03/2017