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Huge natural gas reserves discovered in Israel

According to the U.S. company Noble Energy, a recent test drilling confirmed huge natural gas reserves at Israel's Leviathan gas deposit in the Mediterranean Sea, containing 450 billion cubic meters of gas, which are supposed to guarantee the country's energy independence.

read more... 04/01/2011


BP examines the possibility of drilling a new well in the Caspian Sea.

BP, the largest foreign investor in Azerbaijan which operates the technical aspects of the project on the development of the Shah Deniz gas field wants to build new production well in the Caspian Sea.

read more... 30/12/2010


U.S. permits block the exploration of the Gulf of Mexico.

After the BP crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. authorities have been more restrictive in giving permits that allow companies such as Shell to make further drillings.

read more... 03/12/2010


Petroceltic suspends its activity in Italian offshore zones

Petroceltic, the oil and gas exploring company, suspended its drilling activities in Italy due to the uncertain situation of offshore drillings in this country.

read more... 21/07/2010