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Russia: Gazprom declares exports to Germany attain record high in 2016

Russian gas producer Gazprom declared on Monday its gas exports to Germany attained a record high last year and have increased since the beginning of this year.

read more... 17/01/2017


Gassco: Norway’s gas deliveries to Europe hit a record high in 2016

Gas deliveries through Norway’s pipeline operated by Gassco to Germany, Belgium, France and the UK hit record volumes in 2016, reaching 108.56bn m3.

read more... 11/01/2017


Rosneft and BP achieve dissolution of the refining joint venture Ruhr Oel GmbH in Germany

Russian oil giant Rosneft and its shareholder BP unveiled the completion of the deal to dissolve the refining and petrochemical Joint Venture Ruhr Oel GmbH (ROG) in Germany with effect from January 1, 2017.

read more... 30/12/2016


EC approves auction scheme for electricity from renewable sources in Germany

The European Commission (EC) has approved Germany's new renewable energy act, EEG 2017.

read more... 22/12/2016


Germany might not attain 2020 climate targets

A report from Germany’s environment ministry has announced that the nation could fail to attain its 2020 climate objectives.

read more... 16/12/2016