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Construction of new coal-fired power plants fell worldwide in 2016

The amount of new coal power plants tumbled dramatically last year due to policy shifts in China and India and subsequent declining investment prospects.

read more... 22/03/2017


PGE will spend $472million in coal power plant upgrading

Poland's major power producer PGE anticipates it will have to spend around $471.96 million by 2020 to modernise its coal-fired power stations in order to meet European Union emission reduction regulations.

read more... 12/08/2016


Romania coal power plants in violation of EU emissions law

Romania’s coal-fired power plant fleet is violating European emissions laws, as stated in a report published this week by Greenpeace Romania.

read more... 24/06/2016


Japan's Marubeni might construct coal power plant in Egypt

Japan's Marubeni Corp and Egypt's El Sewedy Electric have settled with Egypt's state-run power utility to conduct a feasibility study into the building of a coal-fired electricity plant in Egypt.

read more... 03/03/2016


Vattenfall to phase out two German lignite plants to meet climate change objectives

Swedish utility Vattenfall agreed on Monday to phase out two lignite coal power plants in Germany, corresponding to 8 million tonnes of CO2-emissions.

read more... 27/10/2015