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Daily (10.05.2019): NBP spot soared by 10.8% on Thursday, due to lower Norwegian flows

Oil prices slightly diverged on Thursday, as investors were uncertain about the outcome of the still unsettled U.S.-China trade dispute. Brent crude was almost flat at $70.39 a barrel. WTI futures lost 0.7% to close at $61.70 a barrel.

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Daily (09.05.2019): WTI futures rose by 1.2% on Wednesday, due to an unexpected drawdown in U.S. crude stockpiles

Despite worries over the U.S.-Chinese trade negotiations, crude oil prices added ground on Wednesday due to a surprise drawdown in U.S. crude stockpiles. Brent crude edged 0.7% higher at $70.37 a barrel, while WTI futures traded 1.2% up at $62.12 a barrel.

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Daily (08.05.2019): EUAs rebounded by over 4% on Tuesday, on expectations for a tighter market

Oil prices lost ground on Tuesday, due to returning concerns over global growth raised by ongoing complications in the U.S.-China trade talks. Expectations for rising U.S. crude production and stockpiles put more pressure on prices. Consequently, the Brent crude price dropped by 1.9% to $69.88 a barrel.

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Daily (07.05.2019): EU electricity prices spiked by nearly 30% on Monday, as cold weather lifted demand

Oil prices inched higher on Monday amid growing tensions between U.S. and Iran, paring earlier losses after President Donald Trump’s statement on a potential rise in tariffs on Chinese goods. Brent crude added 0.6% to trade at $71.24 a barrel.

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Daily (06.05.2019): NBP spot price surged by 1.2% on Friday, due to cooler weather

Oil prices rose slightly on Friday supported by positive U.S. economic data. At the same time, output losses in Iran and Venezuela hit by US sanctions tightened the market. Even if Brent crude edged 0.1% higher at $70.85 a barrel, it nevertheless posted a 1.8% weekly decline.

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