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Sweden risks blackouts as it runs out of space to store nuclear waste

Sweden has less than a week to decide where to store its nuclear waste or risk having the lights go out.

read more... 26/08/2021


National Grid starts planning 1.8 GW offshore wind interconnector with Norway

British transmission system operator National Grid is in the early stages of planning a new electricity cable connection to Norway, which would also connect North Sea wind farms in both countries.

read more... 23/08/2021


Spanish government feels heat over high power prices

Scorching heat has caused power prices to soar in Spain, leading to renewed tensions in the country's leftist coalition government over how to lower ballooning electricity bills.

read more... 20/08/2021


Government launches greenwashing crackdown

The government has today announced its intention to tighten rules around green tariffs.

read more... 16/08/2021


Spain says EU rejects request to change power pricing mechanism

The European Commission has rejected a Spanish request to change the rules that underpin member states' electricity markets as power prices in the country hit record highs, Spain's Energy and Environment Minister Teresa Ribera said on Thursday.

read more... 13/08/2021