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Acciona EnergĂ­a signs PPA with Fortia for renewable energy

Acciona subsidiary Acciona EnergĂ­a has signed a framework agreement with energy management platform Fortia to deliver 1TWh of renewable power a year for a period of five to ten years.

read more... 28/07/2022


Germany will reduce electric car subsidies as EV sales rise

Germany will reduce financial incentives to buy electric cars next year, as the vehicles' growing popularity makes government subsidies unnecessary.

read more... 27/07/2022


China greentech company Envision to build EV battery plant in Spain

Spain has signed a partnership agreement with Chinese green energy company Envision Group to embark on four projects, including a battery plant for electric cars, with 3.8 billion euros ($3.9 billion) in total investment, partly funded by European Union aid.

read more... 21/07/2022


EU launches 5.4-billion-euro hydrogen project with Alstom, Daimler, others

The European Commission on Friday approved a 5.4-billion-euro ($5.4 billion) hydrogen project jointly funded by 15 EU countries and 35 companies including Alstom and Daimler Truck, seeking to gain the edge in an innovative sector.

read more... 18/07/2022


EU parliament votes to up renewables, energy efficiency

The European Parliament's energy committee today voted to increase the share of renewables in the bloc's energy mix to a 45pc target and to increase energy savings, reducing usage by at least 40pc in final energy consumption, both by 2030.

read more... 14/07/2022