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French top court will decide on EDF electricity tariff limit next week

A top French court will determine next week whether to overturn a government ceiling on EDF's regulated power prices, which could affect the utility's income and stock price.

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ERDF to select six suppliers to produce the new Linky meters

French electricity distribution company ERDF, a unit of state-controlled utility EDF, appointed six suppliers as a part of a tender to manufacture the first three million of its new Linky smart power meters, according to French daily Les Echos.

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EDF Energy fined for mismanaging user complaints

EDF Energy, one of Britain's six most important energy suppliers, will pay 3 million pounds ($5 million) penalty to help vulnerable clients after regulator Ofgem found the firm blameworthy of violating complaint handling rules.

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EDF to halt four nuclear reactors in northern England

EDF Energy will shut down temporarily four nuclear reactors at two large power plants in the north of England after a technical issue was found in boiler units.

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EDF: French EPR atomic reactor would become the first connected to the grid

The EDF version of so-called EPR nuclear reactors may be the first connected to the grid, overthrowing others also manufactured by Areva in Finland and China, according Henri Proglio, chief executive of state-controlled French utility EDF.

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