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Daily (03.09.2019): EU carbon prices sank by over 4% on Monday, amid growing Brexit turmoil

Crude oil prices remained bearish on Monday, as the recent import tariffs resulting from the latest trade war escalation between the U.S. and China have started to apply, raising concerns over a tighter demand outlook. The impact of Hurricane Dorian near the Florida coast also posed a threat for the crude demand. Further downward pressure came from higher oil production by OPEC members in August, for the first month this year. As a result, Brent crude dropped by 2.9% to $58.66 a barrel, while WTI futures lost 0.5% to settle at $54.84 a barrel.  

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Daily (02.09.2019): WTI crude fell 2.8% ahead of a hurricane near the Florida coast

An approaching hurricane near the Florida coast that could reduce demand weighed on oil prices. The bearish movement was amplified by easing U.S.-China trade disputes. Brent crude dropped by 1.1% to close at $60.43 a barrel. WTI futures lost 2.8% to settle at $55.10 a barrel.

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Daily (30.08.2019): WTI futures jumped by 1.7% on Thursday after two new pipelines opened in the Permian Basin

Crude oil prices rose on Thursday, backed by a deep decline in U.S. crude inventories. The opening of two new pipelines in the Permian Basin also added to demand at WTI delivery hub. At the same time, the approach of Hurricane Dorian toward Florida supported prices raising fears that U.S. crude producers may slow output. As a result, Brent crude hiked by 1% to $61.08, while WTI futures climbed by 1.7% to $56.71 a barrel.

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Daily (29.08.2019): NBP gas prices surged on Wednesday amid a bullish energy complex

Oil prices rose on Wednesday after data showing a strong decline in U.S. stockpiles softened worries about lower oil demand caused by the trade war between the U.S and China. Brent crude added 1.7% to close at $60.49 a barrel. WTI futures gained 1.6% to settle at $55.78 a barrel.   

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Daily (27.08.2019): French spot power price hiked by more than 45% on higher demand predictions

Oil prices fell on Monday after France’s president rose hopes for an deal between the United States and Iran on nuclear standoff. Brent crude dropped by 1.1% to end at $58.70 a barrel. WTI crude lost 1% to close at $53.64 a barrel.

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