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Egypt: Three combined-cycle power plants built by Siemens to become operational in December

Power plants built by Germany’s Siemens in Egypt are expected to enter into operation in December this year and will attain the full capacity of 14,400 megawatts in May 2018, according to Egypt’s cabinet.

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Iran and Germany ink first petrochemical agreement after sanctions

A first petrochemical cooperation agreement in the post sanctions era between Iran and Germany was inked by Iranian Kian Petrochemical and German Linde Group on Tuesday, as stated by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

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KfW: Germany establishes new solar storage record

With the most photovoltaic capacity of any country in Europe, Germany has succeeded to store its excess solar power to bolster local usage.

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Germany unveils shift from renewables subsidies to auctions

Germany’s parliament adopted on July 8 an amended Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2016), which replaces feed-in tariffs with competitive auctions and caps wind energy deployment to allow for the grid development to catch up.

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Germany to cap offshore wind power installations

German government envisaging capping the installation of offshore wind farms in the period between 2021 and 2025 to ensure the future growth of renewables keeps pace with the construction of new power lines.

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