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Siemens awarded five onshore wind projects in its native country

Siemens was awarded five new contracts in its native country Germany to supply 23 of its direct-drive turbines.

read more... 26/10/2016


Germany approves the controversial nuclear waste deal

The German cabinet has paved the way for a controversial nuclear waste deal, allowing the country's major utilities to pay €23.5bn ($26bn) for shifting responsibility of managing nuclear waste to the government.

read more... 21/10/2016


Germany set to increase green energy levy by 8% in 2017

The green energy levy in Germany (EEG), a surcharge paid by power consumers to support the transition to renewables, is expected to rise by 8 percent in 2017, despite governments efforts to slash support for renewable power.

read more... 11/10/2016


German electricity connection to triple the cost to $16.7 billion

TenneT have announced that the cost of the important Suedlink electricity transmission connection in Germany will triple.

read more... 05/10/2016


First European fuel cell of industrial size commissioned in Germany

Europe’s first megawatt-capacity industrial fuel cell has been commissioned at a new power plant in Mannheim, Germany by E. ON and FuelCell.

read more... 21/09/2016