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Daily: European spot electricity prices ease on robust renewable production in Germany and France

Crude oil prices declined for a second consecutive day on Friday as some investors took profit on a hike to seven-month highs while others concerned about robust production with market hovering close to $50 a barrel. Brent crude eased 27 cents, or 0.5 percent, to settle at $49.32 a barrel. It climbed to $50.51 in the previous session, its highest level since early November. U.S. crude shed 15 cents, or 0.3 percent, to close at $49.33. It reached an October high of $50.21 on Thursday. On the week, Brent posted a 1 percent increase and U.S. crude about 3 percent, spurred by gains from earlier this week.

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G7 called to stop financing coal projects

Environmental groups pressed Group of Seven (G7) nations led by Japan and Germany to halt financing coal projects abroad, which provided $42 billion since 2007.

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Gazprom to review the development of Nord Stream 2 project

The Gazprom Management Committee said it will review the development of the second phase of Nord Stream natural gas pipeline running through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

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Germany got 100% renewable power for a day

Renewable energy has briefly touched and slightly surpassed 100% on Sunday, marking a milestone for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “Energiewende” policy to spur renewables while phasing out nuclear and fossil fuels.

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German government suggests reducing support for onshore wind energy

The German government has suggested cutting support for onshore wind energy by 7.5 percent for two years starting from January 2017, as mentioned in a draft proposal for a meeting on green energy between the federal government and Germany's 16 states.

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