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Germany will stop coal-fired power production "well before 2050"

Coal-fired power production in Germany should come to an end "well before 2050", as indicated by a draft environment ministry document seen by Reuters on Tuesday on how Europe's largest economy can attain its climate objectives.

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Germany declares has secured back-up electricity for next winter

Germany has secured the estimated 5,400 megawatts (MW) of back-up electricity it requires for the coming winter to deal with supply variations and demand peaks, as stated by the energy regulator on Monday.

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E.ON and Statoil will construct big wind farm offshore Germany

Energy producers E.ON and Statoil will make an investment of over 1.2 billion euros ($1.35 billion) to develop the Baltic Sea Arkona wind farm off the coast of Germany, as stated by the two firms on Monday.

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Norway confirms approval for E.ON to construct onshore wind farm

Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry declared on Thursday it has given the final approval for Germany's E.ON to construct a wind power park of 155 megawatts in southeastern Norway.

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Germany urges Belgium to dismantle two nuclear reactors close to its border

German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has asked Belgium to shut down two nuclear reactors temporarily because of concerns over safety.

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