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Nord Stream 2 compromise probable if transit through Ukraine maintained

The intended Nord Stream 2 pipeline which would double Russia's gas export capacity to Germany might continue as long as Russia does not stop gas flowing through Ukraine, as stated by Czech Industry Minister Jan Mladek on Tuesday.

read more... 07/01/2016


Italy’s ERG to invest in four European countries to spur wind power growth

ERG, the largest wind power producer in Italy, envisages investing in four European countries, including Germany, France, Poland and Britain.

read more... 17/12/2015


German BASF to invest $6bln in Iran’s petrochemical industry

The world’s largest chemical company, Germany’s BASF, is envisaging investing $6 billion in Iran’s petrochemical sector, according to director of planning at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Hamid Reza Rostam.

read more... 16/12/2015


Swiss grid will exploit Alpine hydro plants to counterbalance nuclear shutdown

The Swiss power grid operator has informed utilities that they may have to increase energy production from high-mountain hydro plants this winter since nuclear reactors stay closed and there is not sufficient transformer capacity to take on enough green power from Germany.

read more... 03/12/2015


Germany’s RWE to split off its renewables business

German utility RWE is envisaging restructuring its business, spinning out of renewable energy, grids and retail business areas into new subsidiary. It is to be listed on the stock market in late 2016.

read more... 02/12/2015