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EDF to extend the life of two nuclear power stations in UK

The French-owned company, EDF Energy is considering extending the life span of two UK nuclear power stations that are scheduled to shut down in 2016 for another decade.

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EDF in talks with China for building new nuclear reactors in UK

EDF, the French utility, which owns and operates eight of Britain's ten nuclear-power stations, plans to expand two of these sites by building four new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, Somerset.

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UK can proceed with the construction of the new nuclear power station

The European Commission has approved the construction and operation of the new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Sommerset, South England, has announced EDF Energy. Last month the commission presented its judgment to the UK Government, coming to the conclusion that the proposed project of the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point accomplishes the purposes of the Euratom Treaty by contributing to develop a sustainable national energy mix.

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Italy’s Edison to be delisted from the Milan stock exchange

French power giant EDF is now the new absolute owner of Italy’s second biggest energy provider Edison group, acquiring a stake of about 98%. In this way, Edison is set to be delisted from the Milan stock exchange after more than 10 years.

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EDF looks partners to share costs of new nuclear plants in the UK

EDF of France, the world’s largest supplier of atomic energy by kilowatt hours, is considering looking for more partners to share the financial costs of its project to build new nuclear plants in UK, following concerns that nuclear energy is getting more expensive.

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