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EDF has completed Europe’s biggest PV plant in France

EDF Energies Nouvelles has completed the Toul- Rosierès photovoltaic plant in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department of eastern France. The 115 MW plant comprises about 1.4 million thin film photovoltaic panels produced by U.S. manufacturer First Solar, and is likely to produce enough energy to heat the houses of about 55,000 people.

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EDF Renewable Energy: 140 MW Pacific Wind Project in US becomes operational

EDF Renewable Energy, the US subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles, announced commissioning of the 140 MW Pacific Wind Farm, located in Kern County in California.

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EDF Energies Nouvelles enters the Polish wind market

French renewable energy group EDF Energies Nouvelles entered the Polish market and made two acquisitions in Poland, thus continuing its international expansion.

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EDF to extend the life of two nuclear power stations in UK

The French-owned company, EDF Energy is considering extending the life span of two UK nuclear power stations that are scheduled to shut down in 2016 for another decade.

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EDF in talks with China for building new nuclear reactors in UK

EDF, the French utility, which owns and operates eight of Britain's ten nuclear-power stations, plans to expand two of these sites by building four new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, Somerset.

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