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EDF: New UK nuclear power plants could boost economy

Government policy to promote a new generation of nuclear power plants could boost the UK economy by more than £ 5 billion and add more than 32,000 jobs, as well as creating new export markets if the country continues the development of nuclear, according a report commissioned by EDF Energy.

read more... 10/07/2012


EDF: UK economy could rise on nuclear revival

According to a research commissioned by EDF Energy and performed by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), the UK investment in new nuclear could lead to an economic growth of more than £ 5 billion a year, in addition to the creation of over 32000 new jobs.

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Gazprom to bid for EDF Energy U.K. Power Plant

The Russian giant Gazprom envisages bidding for a U.K. power plant put up for sale by EDF Energy, deal which will provide the gas major with a production base in UK to complement its growing trading business.

read more... 11/06/2012


EDF Energy to delay Hinkley Point to 2021

The energy major EDF Energy is postponing the £1.2bn civil engineering contract for the construction of new nuclear station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, bringing more uncertainty over the nuclear renaissance.

read more... 29/05/2012


EDF’s plans to prolong life of UK nuclear power stations put energy policy in doubt

The electricity giant EDF, the UK’s main nuclear operator, is negotiating with the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) the extension of the operational lifetime of their existing eight nuclear power reactors.

read more... 22/05/2012