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UK authorization for China-built nuclear reactor will take 5 years

British nuclear regulators are likely to take five years to finalize the approval process for the construction of China's third-generation "Hualong One" reactor in Britain, the China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN) declared on Friday.

read more... 16/01/2017


Siemens marks its first entry into the Belgian offshore wind market

Siemens, as a significant player in offshore wind power, has reached a contract for the construction of a new 309MW offshore wind project off the Belgian coast, marking its entry into the offshore wind market in Belgium.

read more... 22/12/2016


Belgium obtains €438 million for offshore wind farm

Belgium is getting €438 million (£363.5m) to back the construction of an offshore wind farm.

read more... 20/12/2016


ERBD to grant $135m loan to enhance power distribution in north-western Turkey

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is extending $ 134.75m loan to three Turkish electricity companies, the Trakya Electricity Distribution Company (TREDAŞ), the Trakya Electricity Retail Company (TREPAŞ), and to their parent company, IC İçtaş Elektrik (ICEL), as part of its moves to enhance reforms in the country’s electricity sector.

read more... 14/12/2016


EBRD to grant €400 million for small-scale renewable energy projects in Turkey

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced that it will grant a new €400 million financing package for small-scale renewable energy and resource efficiency projects in Turkey.

read more... 07/12/2016