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Daily: Nordic power declines on rainy weather

Brent crude increased to $99 a barrel on Monday after the failure of the second round of talks with Norwegian offshore oil and gas sector workers, intensifying worries of a total output shutdown, while expectations that China would ease monetary policy and improve fuel demand offset oil prices.

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Daily: Nordic power down on wet weather forecast

Brent crude declined on Wednesday, but stayed above $ 100 per barrel as pessimistic economic data from all over the world fuelled expectations of a stimulus response by central bank and as rising tensions in Iran fuelled worries of an eventual supply disruption, move that supported oil prices and offset demand concerns.

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Bulgaria to slash wind and solar subsidies from July 1st

Bulgarian state energy regulator SEWRC announced a sharp cut of guaranteed rates for electricity generated by wind and solar power parks on Friday on worries of soaring electricity prices.

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Energy giants call for the removal of 1.4 bln EU carbon permits

A group of the most influent energy companies have written to top EU officials prompting them to withdraw at least 1.4 billion emission permits from the bloc’s carbon-trading system (ETS) in order to strengthen the low prices of carbon allowances and the green investment.

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Daily: Brent up $91 on US storm fears

Brent crude oil traded up above $91/bbl on Monday on support for a weaker output following a threat of a storm which halted nearly a quarter of US offshore crude and gas production and as the main euro zone leaders backed a $156 billion plan to revive growth in the debt-hit region, move that supported prices.

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