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Daily (03.05.2019): EUAs fell by over 9% on a weekly basis, after the end of compliance purchase

The high level of U.S. crude stockpiles overshadowed the ongoing fears of a tighter supply, pushing crude oil prices lower on Thursday. Moreover, a potential rise in Saudi Arabia’s production to meet Asian refineries’ requests for more crude oil also weighed on prices. Consequently, WTI futures plunged by 2.8% to $61.81 a barrel, while Brent crude fell by 2% to $70.75 a barrel.

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Daily (02.05.2019): The German spot power price soared by 49% on Wednesday, on forecasts for cold weather and low wind output

Oil prices declined on Wednesday, after EIA data showed a new record level of oil production since September 2017 and a surge in the crude inventories in the U.S. Brent crude lost 0.9% to trade at $72.18 a barrel, while WTI futures edged 0.5% lower at $.63.60 a barrel. Nevertheless, the losses were limited by the prospect of a weaker oil supply due to increasing unrest in Venezuela and the end of U.S. sanction waivers on countries importing Iranian oil.

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Daily (30.04.2019): NBP spot rose by 1.5% on Monday amid increasing demand

Oil prices slightly diverged on Monday. WTI futures added 0.3% to close at $63.50 a barrel, resuming their last week’s rally due to unclear details of President Trump’s comments on Friday about his call on OPEC to raise production. Meanwhile, Brent crude edged 0.2% down at $72.04 a barrel, as losses were limited by concerns over a tight global oil supply driven by ongoing OPEC-led production cuts coupled with U.S. sanctions on Venezuelan and Iranian oil exports.

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Daily (29.04.2019): Crude oil prices plunged by almost 3% on Friday, after Donald Trump urged OPEC countries to raise output

Crude oil prices lost ground on Friday, after Donald Trump urged OPEC countries to raise output as to stop further gains in crude prices. Brent crude plunged by 3% to $72.15 a barrel, while WTI futures traded 2.9% lower at $63.30 a barrel.

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Daily (26.04.2019): French spot power price spiked by 40% on Thursday due to falling wind output

Oil prices declined on Thursday, as global oil capacity looks sufficient to compensate the supply gap after the soon-ending sanction waivers on Iranian oil imports. WTI futures dropped by 1% to $65.21 a barrel, amid stronger U.S. crude production and abundant stocks. Brent crude slipped by merely 0.3% to $74.35 a barrel, with losses limited by halted oil imports via Russian pipeline due to quality concerns.

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