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Daily (30.04.2020) Brent crude soared by 10% due to a drop in U.S oil and gasoline stocks

Crude futures soared on Wednesday, stimulated by a fall in U.S crude stocks and gasoline inventories. As a result, Brent crude jumped by 10.1% to $22.54 a barrel. WTI futures ended 22% higher at $15.06 a barrel.

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Daily (29.04.2020): Brent recovered by 2.4% on Tuesday, driven by gradual restart of economic activity

Crude oil futures varied on Tuesday, with U.S. WTI crude declining by 44 cents, or 3.4%, to settle at $12.34 a barrel, as investors worried about the depleting crude storage space amid a sluggish demand.

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Daily (28.04.2020): WTI crude plunges by 25% amid concerns over storage

Crude oil futures crashed on Monday amid signs that the worldwide oil storage is filling rapidly, increasing worries that production reductions will not come fast enough to fully offset the collapse in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, Brent crude fell by $1.45, or 6.8%, to settle at $19.99 a barrel. At the same time, the U.S. WTI crude plunged by $4.16, or 24.6%, to end at $12.78 a barrel

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Daily (27.04.2019): WTI oil rebounded by 2.7% on Friday, following a record decline in U.S and Canadian active oil rigs

Crude oil prices inched higher on Friday, after U.S and Canadian oil producers cut the number of active rigs by the most in a month since 2015. Consequently, Brent crude for June delivery traded 0.5% higher at $21.44 a barrel. Similarly, WTI futures rose by 2.7% to $16.94 a barrel.

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Daily (24.04.2020): NBP spot at 12 p/therm on Thursday due to robust flows and weak demand

Crude oil futures gained ground for the second consecutive session on Thursday, with the U.S. WTI crude surging by about 20% as escalating tensions between Iran and the United States offset the deteriorating demand due to the coronavirus pandemic and the supply glut.

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