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Germany could close eight more coal power plants

Germany is working on a new regulation to oblige energy firms to close some more coal-fired power plants since it aims to attain ambitious climate targets, as shown in a document seen by Reuters on Sunday.

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China to ban new coal plants around Beijing

Last week China has announced that it will ban the construction of new coal power plants in three regions near Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, in a move which aims to reduce the consumption of coal below 65% of total power generation by 2017, in comparison to 70% currently, and to reduce country’s air pollution.

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Poland: PGE suspends the construction of $3.6 bln coal power plant

PGE, the Polish state biggest utility, has suspended its plans to build two new coal-fired power units worth $3.6 billion, citing weak demand and falling electricity prices.

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UK’s Kingsnorth coal power plant closed today

The Kingsnorth coal plant in Kent has closed today, E.ON’s plant has stopped working already in December, but today it has officially closed. After forty years of producing electricity, the 2,000MW plant, has begun a two year decommissioning process which could lead to demolition.

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Global PV capacity surpassed 100 GW in 2012

According to preliminary data collected by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), global installed PV capacity reached 100GW in 2012 for the first time, up from 71GW in 2011 and 40GW in 2010. The world’s solar capacity can now produce as much electricity in a year as 16 coal power plants or nuclear reactors of 1 GW each.

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