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COAL OUTLOOK – Prices slump to 4-year lows

European coal prices fell to near four-year lows in early Monday trading as plunging oil prices exacerbated existing pressure from a weak gas market, sluggish demand and ample supply.

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Daily (06.03.2020): Brent crude below $50 a barrel on Thursday as non-OPEC producers not yet ready to further cut output

Crude oil futures continued to decline on Thursday as worries about global oil demand and slower economic growth caused by the coronavirus outbreak were heightened by concerns that non-OPEC crude producers haven’t yet agreed to further reduce output in order to support prices.

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Daily (05.03.2020): Brent down 1.4% on Wednesday as Russia resists to OPEC calls for drastic oil cuts

Crude oil futures fell on Wednesday after Russia opposed Saudi Arabia’s plans requesting OPEC+ deeper oil production cuts in order to offset an eroding demand due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Daily (04.03.2020): Crude oil prices end on a mixed note on Tuesday despite an unexpected Fed rate cut

Crude oil futures ended on a mixed note on Tuesday, with investors remaining skeptical whether the unexpected cut in the Fed's interest rates could indeed revive global demand hit by the new coronavirus.

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Irish wind sector adds 460MW in record year

The Irish wind sector recorded a record year in 2019 after developers added 463MW of new capacity and provided a third of the country’s electricity demand, according to new figures.

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