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Daily (13.03.2019): NBP spot tumbled by 4% on Tuesday, due to strong wind power output and rising temperatures

Oil prices inched up on Tuesday, supported by Saudi Arabia's plan to tighten supply in April. A shortage in Venezuelan oil exports due to a power outage also boosted prices. However, gains were limited by rising U.S. crude production. Both Brent and WTI crude rose by 0.1% to $66.67 a barrel and $56.87 a barrel respectively.

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Solar power ‘will help Europe avoid blackouts’

Solar power will prove an important technology in stopping power outages across Europe in coming years.

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Daily (17.08.2018): NBP spot jumped by 4.5% week-on-week to a 5-month peak, due to outages and lower flows from Norway

Oil prices regained momentum on Thursday, after having declined a day earlier because of high crude inventories, but predictions of lower demand kept prices under control. Brent crude closed 1% higher at $71.43 a barrel, posting a 1% loss for the week. Meanwhile, WTI crude rose 0.7% to $65.46 a barrel, slumping by 2% week-on-week.

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Daily (04.07.2018): German day-ahead electricity price gained almost 7% on Tuesday due to lower wind generation

Oil prices rose slightly on Tuesday, due to imminent U.S. sanctions against Iran and an outage at Syncrude Canada facility that reduced crude supplies. Brent crude soared by 0.6% to $77.76 a barrel. WTI crude edged 0.3% higher at $74.14 a barrel, reaching a new peak since the end of 2014.

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Daily (28.06.18): UK gas prices were strongly bullish on Wednesday due to high oil prices

Decreasing U.S. crude stocks, a supply outage at Syncrude in Canada and uncertainty over Lybian exports boosted oil prices on Wednesday. Brent crude jumped to almost a three-week peak, to settle 1.7% higher at $77.62 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude rose by 3.1% to $72.76 a barrel, or a 3 ½ -year high.

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