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Daily (01.07.2019): Carbon prices fell by around 2.3% on Friday, amid quarter-end profit-making

Crude oil prices were bearish on Friday, as traders awaited the outcome of the meeting of the U.S. President Donald Trump with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. As a result, WTI futures settled 1.6% lower at $58.47 a barrel, while Brent crude remained flat at $66.55 a barrel. However, expectations for a prolongation of crude output cuts by OPEC members and their allies at their meetings on July 1-2 limited losses.

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Daily (28.06.2019): NBP day-ahead plummeted by 9.5% on Thursday, due to bearish fundamentals and robust supply

Crude oil prices added ground on Thursday, on expectations that OPEC will extend an output cut agreement, while investors await a meeting between the United States and China that could ease current trade tariffs. As a result, Brent crude inched 0.1% up at $66.55 a barrel, while WTI futures settled 0.1% up at $59.43 a barrel.

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Daily (27.06.2019): EUAs hit a 2-month peak on Wednesday due to no new supply

Oil prices surged by more than 2% on Wednesday to hit their peak level in almost a month, supported by unexpected drops in refined product stockpiles and a larger-than-anticipated drawdown in crude stocks as exports hit a record high. Brent crude futures rose by $1.44, or 2.2%, to close at $66.49 a barrel. WTI futures increased by $1.55, or 2.7%, to close at $59.38 a barrel.R

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Daily (26.06.2019): NBP day-ahead plunged by 7% on Tuesday due to warmer temperatures

Crude oil prices were mixed on Tuesday. Brent crude edged 0.3% higher at $65.05 a barrel on expectations for declining U.S. crude stocks. Meanwhile, WTI futures lost 0.1% to settle at $57.83 a barrel as U.S.-China trade tensions could lead to lower global fuel demand.

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Daily (25.06.2019): The EUAs spiked by 4.2% to a one-month peak on Monday, amid technical buying and higher thermal generation

Oil prices diverged on Monday. Brent crude setlled 0.5% lower at $64.86 a barrel on returning concerns over a scarce crude demand, with traders awaiting the outcome of the G20 summit at the end of this week. Meanwhile, WTI futures rose by 0.8%, to $57.90 a barrel, as the prospect of tighter oil supply worsened after U.S. President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran in the context of ongoing fears of a military conflict between the U.S. and Iran. Expectations of extended oil output cuts from OPEC and its allies after their meetings on July 1-2 helped balance the market.

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