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EU invests €1.8bn in energy transition technologies

The EU today announced €1.8bn ($1.8bn) of funding for 17 large-scale renewable energy and decarbonisation projects — including hydrogen, renewable power generation and advanced biofuels projects.

read more... 13/07/2022


Shell to build Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant

Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil and gas company, plans to build Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant in Rotterdam, which will become operational in 2025.

read more... 07/07/2022


Poland looks to ease rules blocking development of onshore wind power

The Polish cabinet adopted legislation easing rules on the development of wind farms, as the country aims to boost its installed capacity and diversify energy supplies.

read more... 06/07/2022


France “blocks” 7 GW of renewables despite supply fears

France is blocking the connection of 7 GW of renewables to its grid for political reasons amid public opposition to wind power despite a looming winter supply crunch, analysts and industry lobbies said this week.

read more... 01/07/2022


EU ministers set renewable energy target at 40 percent

EU energy ministers on Monday agreed to increase the share of European energy consumption coming from renewables such as solar or wind power to 40 percent by 2030.

read more... 28/06/2022