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Explosion at one of the oldest French nuclear plant

An explosion at Marcoule nuclear plant, owned by French power utility EDF occurred in southern France on Monday, killing at least one person and wounding four more, according to French Nuclear Safety Authority regulator.

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EDF Energy to stop aggressive doorstep practice

EDF Energy, the British arm of France's biggest energy company EDF, is the latest of the “big six” to announce the suspension of its doorstep sales practice, following the similar actions of other energy suppliers as British Gas in August and Scottish and Southern Energy in July.

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EDF to compensate 100, 000 customers billed incorrectly

EDF Energy recognized that it overcharged 100, 000 customers for their electricity bills, following a fault with its automated telephone meter reading system, during a seven year period.

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EDF confident that UK nuclear projects are on target

EDF, France’s electricity giant, announced on Wednesday that it is slowing down the building of a new generation nuclear reactor in France by two years and at a nearly double cost than the estimated one, following a couple of deadly accidents and safety reviews requested after the Fukushima disaster.

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Three partners to invest €1 billion in Dunkirk LNG Terminal

The French energy giant EDF has announced that, alongside two partners-the French major Total and Fluxys of Belgium it has decided to invest in a €1billion ($1.44billion) project to develop a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in northern France, at Dunkirk.

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