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France will take part in South Stream project

The memorandum concerning the number of shares transferred to the French company EDF was signed last Saturday, at Economic Forum in Sankt Petersburg.

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Gazprom and EDF will sign South Stream deal next week

Gazprom, the Russian gas firm, will sign next week an agreement with EDF, the main purpose being the French utility taking a 10% stake in the multi-billion South Stream gas pipeline project, according to the CEO of Gazprom on Thursday.

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EDF might sell nuclear power to competitors

Ongoing debates in the French parliament could lead to the obligation of EDF, the French nuclear giant, to sell 25 % of its nuclear electricity to competitors in France, in order to boost competition in the electricity market, where EDF holds the key position at the moment.

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Russia and Italy accepted France to join the South Stream pipeline project

After the official meeting that had taken place between Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, and Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, a decision has been made concerning the France’s EDF participation in the South Stream project.

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