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EVN interested in Bulgarian hydro project

Austrian utility EVN is going to buy 30.1% of Turkish CCG share in a Bulgarian hydropower project for an unknown sum.

read more... 17/05/2010


Russia and Turkey agreed on nuclear power plant deal

On Wednesday, Russia has signed a nuclear power plant project with Turkey amounting $20 billion, in order to establish a strong partnership after two Cold War-era rivals. Russia will be responsible for this project by owning a controlling stake.

read more... 13/05/2010


Solar electricity could reach 22 percent of global power supply by 2050

According to the International Energy Agency(IEA), solar electricity could provide up to a quarter of the world's power by 2050, thus cutting greenhouse gas emissions by almost 6 billion tonnes and reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, though government support is imperative in the next decade.

read more... 12/05/2010


Vattenfall's German grid in sale process to Elia

Elia, Belgian power grid operator, and its Australian partner, agreed with EU regulatory clearance concerning Vattenfall acquisition, a Swedish power company and a German high-voltage grid.

read more... 11/05/2010


Wind parks of Spain set a new daily generation record

On Tuesday, wind parks of Spain, the fourth largest in the world, hit a fresh daily generation high, representing 40 percent of the national power demand, according to the grid operator REE.

read more... 07/05/2010